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Forest Products Distribution

Forest Products Distribution

The NFCF gathers, selects, processes, and packages forest products, and supplies them directly to end-users as a means of making forest products more competitive and market-friendly. To improve their distribution, we work constantly to expand distribution facilities and rapidly share distribution data to promote a direct distribution system for forest products and contribute to increasing the incomes of forest owners and NFCF members.

Forest Management Infrastructure Development

Lumber Distribution Centers

The NFCF continually initiates forest harvesting projects to prepare for large-scale Korean lumber production, increase the incomes of forest owners, and promote a self-sufficient domestic lumber industry. We promote the use of Korean lumber, provide distribution information on Korea-produced materials, and have built a logistics system linking the Jungbu (Yeoju) and Dongbu (Donghae) Lumber Distribution Centers to play a key role in promoting the use of Korean-harvested wood.

Jungbu Lumber Distribution Center

A large-scale facility for processing Korean lumber, the Jungbu Lumber Distribution Center contains facilities for sawmilling, column- and laminated-wood processing, and sawdust and wood pellet production, and produces a wide range of products made with Korean lumber. It developed "Han-Namo," a brand for Korean wood, to promote the use of Korean wood and woodenware. Its securing of various certifications, including ISO9001, for its products has helped raise the status of Korean wood products. It also works to supply Korean wood-based products to public sector organizations by registering processed goods in purchasing Web sites operated by the Public Procurement Service.

Dongbu Lumber Distribution Center

The Dongbu Lumber Distribution Center produces and supplies wood materials for interior and exterior construction work as well as construction materials derived from pine wood (for Buddhist temples, cultural properties, traditional Korean homes, etc.). It also serves an integrated logistics function in conjunction with the Jungbu Lumber Distribution Center.

Operation of forest product distribution facilities

The NFCF only deals with clean, pure forest products made in Korea by forest owners and trusted foresters such as our members. Another of our functions is to stabilize the prices of forest products by improving their distribution. To enhance their competitiveness in the face of cheaper, imported forest products, we operate our own distribution centers, forest product stores, and lumberyards. Through our database, we can easily provide consumers with distribution information on many forest products.

Production and supply of quick income products and export support services

The NFCF works to increase the income levels of its members through the creation of a distribution system that incorporates the production, collection, and supply of quick income products such as chestnuts, pine mushrooms and shiitake mushrooms, and reinforcing consultation on cultivation technology. Alongside this, we provide forest products to consumers at low prices. We provide forest product producers and exporters with sales promotion funding, export machinery, product history tracking expenses to enable the stable export of forest products, and increase exports through heightened competitiveness, which contribute to increasing foreign currency acquisition and raising income levels in rural mountainous regions.

Online shopping mall: Green Market

Green Market, a forest products shopping mall, is operated to alleviate consumer doubts about food products and allow consumers to purchase Korean-produced forest products at affordable prices. By operating this mall, we are not only selling pure forest products but also furnishing information and services on Korean forest products.

Production and supply of forest mushroom spawn and R&D of new breeds

The NFCF boasts Korea's leading forest mushroom research facilities and spawn-culturing laboratories that produce quality spawn. We register breeds at the Korea Forest Seed and Variety Center and supply up to 30% of the demand by mushroom-growing households in Korea. We provide a variety of breeds that satisfy local environmental and household needs and offer field-based consulting to growers. To cope with the International Convention for the Protection of New Varieties of Plants, we undertook R&D on new quality shiitake mushrooms to grow on logs and sawdust culture beds. From these, we applied for patents on 13 species and plan to develop six more species for patent application by 2015.

Sawdust culture beds for shiitakes

In line with a global shift from logs to sawdust culture beds for growing shiitake mushrooms, the NFCF set up a sawdust bed center to secure international competitiveness in shiitake sawdust beds. By developing quality breeds for sawdust culture beds that suit the Korean growing environment, we expect to contribute to raising the average income of shiitake growers.