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Forest Management Infrastructure Development

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Forest Management Infrastructure Development

Building an environment-friendly forest management infrastructure

The NFCF builds infrastructure for sound forest management, such as forest roads, in order to ensure an efficient, integrated foundation for forestry management and undertakes sensible and environment-friendly erosion control projects to prevent forest-related natural disasters. We are also on the front lines of revitalizing villages in mountain areas by developing new income sources for area residents and improving the environment by expanding "forest resort" facilities to meet the rapidly rising national demand for forest recreation and hiking trails as well as creating mountain "eco-villages" that highlight local culture.

Forest Management Infrastructure Development

Forestry project design

The Engineering Headquarters oversee forest roads, erosion control, and restoration of damaged areas to build a forest management infrastructure, as well as the design of recreational forests, forest "bathing" areas, and forest resorts. We are also responsible for the design of mountain eco-villages, forest care activities, forest carbon circulation villages, urban forests, and healing forests.

Forest road construction

Forest roads are developed within forests to protect them and promote efficient forestry practices and use of forestry equipment. They are an important component of forest management. The NFCF develops environment-friendly forest roads using the accumulated forestry engineering technology to date, to secure efficient, integrated bases for forest management. Using a variety of restoration and structural reformation techniques, we maintain safe forest roads and prevent deterioration of forest landscapes.

Erosion control

Erosion control projects are undertaken to protect forests and prevent damage to homes and farmland alongside mountains by stopping spillage of soil and rocks and preventing landslides. To achieve this, the NFCF stabilizes soil in deserted land, collapsed areas, and ground prone to collapse and plants supportive vegetation. We pursue erosion control projects to create a foundation for forest resources production and, at the same time, to promote the public benefits of forests such as land conservation and water resource enhancement.

Forest resort facility development project

As a result of rising income levels and changing cultural values, demand for forest-related leisure, recreation, and other experiences has increased significantly. In order to meet these demands, the NFCF has built forest recreational facilities, including forest cabin, forest "bathing" parks, and eco-forests, and has improved hiking trails to provide the public with more places for rest and relaxation.

Forest-river management project

To reduce natural disaster and promote forests' environmental benefits, the NFCF undertakes forest erosion control projects by conjointly managing entire mountain/river basin areas in large forested regions that are prone to landslides and other disasters.

Natural burial forest development and operation

To encourage eco-friendly burial rituals side by side with efficient use of forests, the NFCF operates Heaven Forest Memorial Park, a publicly owned natural burial site, in Yangpyeong, Gyeonggi Province. Through its operation, we aspire to encourage cremation in lieu of burial and establish burial traditions that minimize harm to nature.