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Forest Resource Creation and Development

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Forest Resource Creation and Development

Creating economically valuable forests

In order to grow forests with sound ecology and rich economic value, the NFCF establishes forest management plans suitable for each area and pursues forestry activities in a systematic manner. We keep Korea's forests healthy through projects such as afforestation, forest care, and forest protection.

Creating economically valuable forests

Forest management plan

To ensure efficient management of forest resources, each forest management master plan is tailored to the area it covers. Our goal is to increase forest productivity through rational management and to promote sustainable forest resources.

Seedling production

We select and manage quality seeds to supply seedlings to municipal bodies, forest owners, and NFCF members for purposes of afforestation, forest care, and landscape architecture. By doing so, we are developing forest resources and improving convenience to our members.


The NFCF strives to build a stable, long-term foundation for a self-sufficient lumber industry in Korea and to contribute to pleasant living environments by selecting tree species appropriate to local conditions and purposes and engaging in afforestation practices noted for their economic value and environmental soundness.

Forest care

The NFCF undertakes forest care activities such as mowing, vine removal, sapling planting, and thinning to stimulate growth and produce high-quality lumber. This enables us to secure a base for lumber production and contributes to raising the income level in rural mountain areas.

Forest protection

The NFCF effectively carries out forest fire, disease, and pest prevention practices, protecting forest resources from damage caused by disease and pests such as pine wilt disease, pine-leaf gall midge, and other pests, in order to maintain balanced ecosystems and conserve the national landscape.

Operation of tree outlets

The NFCF operates tree outlets throughout Korea in order to supply quality seedlings grown by NFCF organizations and members to consumers at low prices.

National forest resources survey

To obtain the precise data needed to establish sound forestry policies, a resource survey is performed on forests nationwide every five years. As a result of accurate field surveys and a state-of-the-art survey base, the statistics produced have international credibility.

Yeongrimdan: an organization of forestry technicians

Forestry technicians who are engaged in their field have organized "Yeongrimdan" in an effort to enhance the quality and competitiveness of forestry activities and prepare for a decline in the rural population and an aging population.

Forestry equipment support center

The NFCF operates forestry equipment support centers which loan out high-end, high-performance equipment to forest owners and managers. The available machines and equipment are used for lumbering, bundle cutting, and skidding, and include tower yarders, tractors, winches, and wood grabs, stocked based on local needs. Experts are also deployed to demonstrate their proper use. ??Seven Forestry Equipment Support Centers in operation: Forestry Technology Training Center, Forestry Equipment Training Center, Forestry Technician Training Center, Pyeongchang County Forestry Cooperative, Cheongju-Cheongwon Forestry Cooperative, Suncheon City Forestry Cooperative, Sancheong County Forestry Cooperative