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Private Forest Management Consulting

Delivering advanced forest management information and technology

The NFCF provides the most up-to-date forest management information and technology, to help ensure a promising and joyful future for forest owners and managers. We also offer outsourcing services for private forest management in designated areas and support the development of forestry technologies to secure a reliable pool of professional forestry personnel.

Delivering advanced forest management information and technology

Forest management support

About 880 forest management consultants are assigned to 142 regional cooperatives and headquarters across the nation to provide field-based, one-on-one advice and improve the quality of technical consulting to forest owners and managers. In order to promote rapid information exchange in diverse subjects, we built an online forest management support system to provide information and professional advice to forest owners and the public that is derived from professional consultants and based on the latest data and information.

Professional advice on specialized products

In an effort to surmount the low profitability that has long prevailed in the forestry industry and bring clean and sound forest products to market, product-specific consultants are assigned to regional cooperatives to provide assistance in producing environment-friendly and GAP-certified (good agricultural practices) forest products, boosting competitiveness. Through this approach, we intend to increase forest owners' incomes and encourage private forest management.

Management outsourcing services

The NCFC offers outsourcing services to forest owners who lack sufficient capital, technology, and/or labor to properly manage forests. By providing these outsourcing services, we are playing a vital role in private forest management and, at the same time, contributing to raising the value of forest resources and enlarging their public benefit. We secure Forest Stewardship Council certification for forests outsourced to the NCFC to ensure international recognition of private forest management in Korea. We also work to improve the price competitiveness of Korean forest products and increase the incomes of forest owners and managers.

Collaboration management

To facilitate forest management for owners of small-scale forests, production resources such as land, labor, and capital are combined to increase management scale, boost efficiency, and foster small-scale forests as a key organizational unit in private forest management.

Training and education

NFCF Training Centers in Yangsan (forestry technology), Gangneung (forestry machinery), and Jinan (forestry technicians) focus on developing forest management specialists and addressing a forestry personnel shortage in rural and mountainous regions by securing a stable pool of skilled personnel in forestry and developing and introducing advanced forestry technology in order to increase industry productivity. The Training Centers also operate year-round programs to provide up-to-date knowledge and information to foresters, forest management consultants, and forest owners. Public laborers in forestry laborers Civil-servant forestry laborers are also trained, supporting the creation of decent job opportunities.

International cooperation

The NFCF became a member of the International Cooperative Alliance (ICA) in June 1996 and enhanced its global prominence by promoting its activities overseas, including through regular participation in ICA general assembly meetings. The NFCF has been playing a leading role in promoting the development of the worldwide cooperatives movement.

Public relations

The NFCF publicizes its activities and news through a range of media including mass-market newspapers, magazines, broadcast media, and its monthly journal, "Sanrim". In addition, in an effort to promote the use of high-quality Korean Limber, we provide desks and chairs made from Korean larch to elementary schools and youth centers in Korea. The NFCF also participates in programs that promote the consumption of forest products such as festivals and events aimed at promoting the superiority of Korean forest products.

Forest cultural events

The NFCF publicizes the beauty and value of Korea's forests by hosting a number of experiential forest programs, including "Encounter with the Forest","Mountain Village Experience", woodworking workshops, as well as forest artwork contests. We also promote interaction between Korea's urban and rural regions through forest culture experiential programs.