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  • To promote sustainable forest management and improve forest productivity
  • To improve the economic, social, and cultural status of cooperative members
  • To contribute to balanced development of the national economy


Private Forest Management Consulting
  • Provide advisory services and technology that promote private forest management
  • Advise forest owners and managers on strategies for increasing income
Forest products distribution
  • Produce and supply forest products and support import/export businesses
  • Protect producers and consumers by improving distribution structure
Forest resource creation and development
  • Nurture commercial forests to promote their economic and ecological value
  • Utilize forest biomass and acquire overseas forest resources
Forest management infrastructure development
  • Undertake forest civil engineering projects such as forest roads, erosion control, and restoration of damaged areas
  • Establish forest recreational areas and develop villages in mountainous regions
Forestry financing support
  • Provide policy funds to forest owners and managers
  • Provide funding through mutual financial services